Monday, August 15, 2011



     Anyone currently in the area of the Northeast U.S. between Boston and Philadelphia will understand why I'm thinking "Aquarium." 

         I was hoping thoughtfully to notate this piece by including Harold Acton's 1923 poem Aquarium, but my copy is somewhere else and I can't find it online.  I did find a poem by Amy Lowell called An Aquarium, which was tedious and seemed to miss the point (my point, at least), so I think I'll simply post a few pictures borrowed from a curious Swedish blog called Aquarium Poetry, which seems not to feature any poetry.  It's a very useful guide about how to take care of aquarium fish properly, and I believe the blog's author feels that the poetry lies in the images he posts (true) and the instructive texts he provides (possibly a little post-modern for me, but he's an animal lover and that's to be commended).

        Posted immediately below, however, is a Google map showing U.S. East Coast aquariums in my Aquarium area, for those anxious to visit one.  I loved those places when I was a child and the last time I did -- the apparently unimpressive, but actually pretty great London Sea Life Aquarium -- we learned all sorts of things about Thames estuary fish and Jane was able to see rays "up close and personal," as they like to say on television.