Sunday, July 17, 2011

Torma 2: Is this real? Who wrote this?


There are still imbeciles who believe that something will change.

        As if one wished to change bodies:  one changes one's dress, wig, make-up, one's nose if need be . . .

        One never changes anything but the flourishes, the frills; but the text remains the same.  Only illiterates are taken in.

        A curious species of illiterate:  the learned specialist in frills.  They have turned this knowledge into a science that is very complicated and often very boring (but what is there that does not interest us in the end?)  They succeed in extracting from the frills a sort of law or system they call "progress:" (history, social structure, political evolution, culture) and they end up discovering a means -- more or less imaginary, no matter -- of working on the frills.  They unleash cataclysms, wars, or revolutions accomplished at great expense, and everything else once again becomes more or less the same.  In effect, whether the frills be maximalist or minimalist, legitimist or corporatist, French or Germanic, or whatever you want, they amplify a single text -- THE text;  those who command, command;  those who obey, obey: and power is absolute.  Only wait until our revolutionaries triumph:  you'll see their police.

Nature is only another chimera.


I don't know whether there are numbers.  And you?  


1.  Top photo:  German military Enigma encryption/decryption machine (1940s).

2.  Second photo:  Allied Colossus Mark 1 decrypting computer, used for deciphering German Lorenz ("Tunny") cipher traffic. Bletchley Park, England, 1944.

3.  Sol Lewitt, Arcs From Four Corners, 1971.

4.  Contemporary Russian espionage photo containing digitally encoded information in the form of ones and zeroes.

5.  Torma 1 Link.  Above text excerpted from:  Four Dada Suicides. London, Atlas Press, 1995.

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