Friday, July 29, 2011

To Know Him Is To Love Him

To know, know, know him
Is to love, love, love him
Just to see him smile 
Makes my life worthwhile
To know, know, know him 
Is to love, love, love him
And I do

Audio Link: Mick Farren:  To Know Him Is To Love Him (wr. Phil Spector), From Bionic Gold (Big Sound Records, 1978)


I was so pleased finally to locate a copy of Mick Farren's punk version of Phil Spector's/The Teddy Bears' tune To Know Him Is To Love Him the other day on Youtube.  I hadn't heard it since I misplaced my copy of Bionic Gold years ago and I'm very grateful to the person who posted it because it suits my ragged, up all night, trying desperately to keep a sense of humor mood.  

For those who don't remember the Bionic Gold lp, it was a collection of highly original takes on Phil Spector material recorded by the various artists and bands on Jon Tiven and Peter Lubin's short-lived Big Sound record label.  I liked the album a lot, especially this song (the noise and chaos of which apparently followed Mick Farren around like night follows day at the time of its recording) and ex-Winkie Philip Rambow's utterly charming version of All Grown Up. I have yet to locate that track, but have carried Rambow's vocal performance around in my head since 1978.   

I hope you enjoy this.  Waking up today (to the extent I slept at all last night) following the extra-terrestrial (in the worst, scariest possible way) sights and sounds of the South Carolina and Texas Tea Party congressmen first adjourning for prayer and then deserting their party leadership and scuttling the debt ceiling vote last night, it's difficult for me to like very much at all.

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