Saturday, March 26, 2011

Readymades (Vivian Stanshall-Neil Innes)

Wendy Wetlip stares from a poster,
Ignoring the drawing adorning her smile.
Her lover has shuffled away,
Looking the other way

Ronnie the Raincoat hangs out in a book store.
He's never seen his own wife in the nude.
Somebody called him depraved.
But think of the money he saved. 

Dwarf on a moped speeds through the park,
To Kilroy's Renaissance -- the Temple of Art.
Signs with a flourish and makes it his own,
Pockets his pencil and slyly rides home. 

Annual cultural African dancers,
Bereft Isabella in rubber thigh boots.
A man was arrested today,


Note to reader: Link in last line to Exploding Sausage film featuring the Bonzo Dog Band "at play" and en famille.  Songs featured are: (i) Quiet Talks and Summer Walks (from Keynsham); (ii) We Are Normal (from The Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse (UK) and The Urban Spaceman (US)); and (iii) Readymades (beginning at 5:10)(from Tadpoles). It's really wonderful footage to watch of a great, inspired, and highly original band. No other group could have or would have dreamed of making the wonderful Readymades. The song's mood kind of reminds me of this.


  1. Just got the book The Forestay Waterfall. Nice pictures. Somewhat annoying text, from the school of criticism is its own art form. Somewhat annoying pics too, for same reason. Still, I am grateful to its makers.

    Had a dream last night where you got the girl and I didn't, you bastard.

  2. So interesting that you wrote about this. I was just rereading something I sent to someone who will be coming to our house for dinner shortly (I was searching in email for something else, but this turned up and interested me again):

    It will probably interest you. I used to buy into the "criticism is its own art form" line of thinking, but now only do so if people don't harp on it too much and expect you to discuss or argue the point. I mean, there are so many different ways to approach the question and frankly I wish people would talk less and look and listen more. (By the way, this has been on my mind a lot lately because I've been fishing books from my shelves from the 1970s and 80s that are steeped in semiotics and I re-realize that I don't have much of a philosophical head.) Just reading the news daily, you really get a sense of why that would be a good thing.

    I had a dream last night where someone else got the girl also. Funny.

    Currently I am in Manhattan where it's freezing. Heading out to Newark Airport shortly for a flight to Los Angeles and what I hope is an entertaining few days.

    I hope you watched the Bonzos film. I found it very touching. Curtis


  4. To Anonymous: Well, then. Thanks for visiting. Curtis