Saturday, March 19, 2011

Now And Then (Ray Davies Lyric; Kinks Link)

Nearly full moon, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
March 19, 2011

In the beginning of it all there was the land.
And the sea and the sky --
Then into the middle of it all there came man.
To live on the land --

Now mighty corporations and politicians rule the land!

Wish I could remember when
We were more innocent
Than all of those violent bitter men!
It's too bad the simple ways came sadly to an end;

guess that's the difference between Now and Then.

One day we'll be born again;
Our lovers and friends will remain,
To live in a world without suffering and pain.
And there'll be no distance between now and then!

In the beginning of it all there was the Land.

Thanksgiving Day sunrise, Cabo San Lucas, Baja Sur, Mexico
November 28, 2006


  1. Where does this song appear?

    I was sorry to see, in the N.Y. Times Men's Fashion supplement, what looked like surgical changes to Ray's beautiful distinctive face. That's show biz, I guess.

    Dave Gahan never looked better, on the other hand.

  2. Now And Then is on the lp UK Jive, which contains such other good songs as Down All The Days (Till 1992), How Can I Get Close? and my personal favorite, Dear Margaret, Dave Davies' contribution to the anti-Margaret Thatcher song genre and the best example of its type. (It's very rocking and very funny.) I don't know whether Ray has had "work" or if it's just retouching. About 15 years ago on the first occasion, I think, when the Grammys were held in NY, I came across both Dave Davies and Stevie Winwood at different parties I was able to attend as the "plus one" of an invited guest and noticed that they had both clearly had (excellent) work done on their visages. The previous evening we had seen Mick Jagger in a restaurant and I think he was also a recent benficiary of the same surgeon's talents. We thought of it as the "Year of the British Invasion Facelifts". As you say, "that's showbiz". I had run into Jon Tisch earlier in the week at yet another pre-Grammy event, but that's another story. Curtis