Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From A Window (John Lennon -- Paul McCartney)

Late yesterday night, I saw a light shine from a window,
And as I looked again, your face came into sight.
I couldn't walk on until you'd gone from your window.
I had to make you mine, I knew you were the one.
Oh, I would be so glad just to have a love like that,
Oh, I would be true and I'd live my life for you.
So meet me tonight, just where the light shines from a window,
And as I take your hand, say that you'll be mine tonight.


  1. Somehow it had escaped me that Lennon and McCartney wrote this song. I found the Chad and Jeremy version very touching. Their voices summon powerful memories. Where are you, Chad and Jeremy? I see from your website that you played Rockport, MA, on February 10 -- but I don't think I would have seen you there even if I had gone...

  2. I'm glad you liked this. I'm running, but briefly, this is one of the really fabulous Lennon-McCartney songs that the Beatles never recorded. They were really on fire in those days. This song was originally given to Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas (another Brian Epstein act), who had a UK hit with it. Paul McCartney performs (briefly) on the track. Chad & Jeremy covered it about a year later. Their version, recorded in NYC, features famous session guitarist Al Caiola and was produced by Jimmy Haskell for Ember Records on the Chad & Jeremy Sing For You album. Chad & Jeremy reunited a few years ago. They're very talented and are both excellent songwriters. Jeremy, as you possibly remember, was a younger child of the then Duke of Wellington or something like that (meaning that his mother might have been the Duke's daughter). He's an Old Etonian and was a pageboy at Queen Elizabeth's wedding. After C & J broke up (following the commercial failure of their ambitious album The Ark), Jeremy returned to the UK where he pursued a very successful acting career. The two of them originally met at drama school in London and found that they shared musical interests. They still sound good and they don't look bad either. Graham Parker also recorded a good version of the song a number of years ago on an album called From A Window, which features an assortment of artists performing non-Beatles L & M songs. Curtis

  3. You had the lp of Cabbages and Kings back in 1968.

    Chad and Jeremy were guest stars on a Dick Van Dyke episode. They portrayed a Chad-and-Jeremy-style British-invasion act called The Redcoats set to appear on the Alan Brady Show. To hide from the crowds of (supposedly) hysterical girls, they are sequestered at Rob and Laura's place in New Rochelle. Secret gets out; hilarity ensues.

    Chad and his wife appeared as a duo on Hullabaloo.

    I have Summer Song on my ipod.

    Did not know about, so am delighted to discover, this Lennon/McCartney song.

    Wonderful cat photos. Where can i score that high-grade catnip? Might help Persephone's irritable bowel.


  4. Of Cabbages And Kings is a terrific lp. It was produced by Gary Usher of Beach Boys, Byrds, etc. fame, as was their original "final" lp, The Ark, another ambitious work that bears both positive and negative characteristics of its era. I think C & J and Usher were right up each others' alley. C & J still sing well together and have retained their quiet appeal. I'm glad you like From A Window. Some people have written that it's their favorite Lennon/McCartney number. I've always loved it. Of course I remember that Dick Van Dyke episode and.....did you know that C & J are longtime close personal friends of.......Lauren Hutton? I will phone Farm Sanctuary on your behalf. They're a superb organization. As for the photos of Princess Daisy and Junior, thanks for noticing. They're very good friends, both quite mysterious. They're shown in Jane's "office" surveying the passing nighttime scene. Curtis

  5. About ten years ago my late sister produced a short-lived but much ballyhooed flop tv series starring Lauren among others, called Central Park West. It was Darren Starr's next project after Sex in the City. In the space of a few months Judy went from contempt for Lauren for being an airhead to liking Lauren very much.

    Glad to know you took those pictures. We had a beloved ferret called (just plain) Daisy.

  6. I kind of liked Central Park West. That's a nice story about Lauren Hutton; she was an amusing guest on the Tonight (w/Johnny Carson) and Dick Cavett shows, but Caroline's experiences in the entertainment business always makes us skeptical about the personal worth of celebrities. We call Princess Daisy "Daisy" most of the time. She is one of our ferals (born in our garage to her mother Tige; her brother is the mysterious and beautiful KingKing) and she has now completely emerged from the basement shadows to be an "upstairs" cat. We were surprised to see her in the window with Junior and were pleased to be able to capture the moment. Curtis

  7. Come visit. This is a very pretty place. Jane has the best windows in the house. Curtis