Saturday, October 4, 2014


The moon had risen.  Down in the square the dead were still being piled into trucks and driven away, so that, in the morning, when the Minister of Public Enlightenment issued a statement minimising the importance of the whole affair, no sceptical foreign newspaperman would be able to refute his casualty figures.  The few surviving wounded were already in sick quarters at the garrison barracks, and therefore inaccessible.  The disabled tank had been hauled onto a transporter and removed.  The other tanks had been retired, together with the self-propelled eighty-eights.  The square was being patrolled by two small armoured cars.  Now and again there would be a faint rattle of fire from the outskirts of the city as stragglers or would-be escapers were rounded up and killed.  The building next door had nearly burned itself out.  

Text:  Eric Ambler, The Night-Comers, London, William Heinemann Limited, 1956

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