Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Anyone who writes what he remembers of his own time is in a difficulty with names, he has to decide whether he will mention the living, if he is to call them by their real names when he does mention them and, if he chooses to alter the names they are known by whether he will disguise the place it all happened to him, and so perhaps find himself writing fiction.


Henry Green, Pack My Bag (1940)


  1. Should have said hello a long time ago ....

    1. It's been total immersion college application time around here. It's a long boring story but in a couple of months it will all be completed except for the waiting. I'd love to say there was anything constructive or positive about it, but there really isn't. But Jane's holding up. (Better than we are.) What a pretty portrait of you. Love from all of us here in pretty autumnal Pennsylvania. Curtis