Wednesday, September 3, 2014


‘I have abstained from expressing any opinion, so far, ‘ says Mr Superintendent, with his military voice still in working order.  ‘I have now only one remark to offer, on leaving this case in your hands.  There is such a thing, Sergeant, as making a mountain out of a molehill.  Good morning.’

‘There is also such a thing as making nothing out of a molehill, in consequence of your head being too high to see it.’  Having returned his brother-officer’s compliments in those terms, Sergeant Cuff wheeled about, and walked away to the window by himself. 

Wilkie Collins, The Moonstone, The Loss of the Diamond, Ch. 12, 1868.

Note:  Sergeant Cuff’s comment on perspective is perfect, isn’t it?

Through self-nullifying ignorance and stupidity, we invent voids and vacuums and fill them with hideous projections and bad alchemy.

Something is happening here.  It’s mysteriously clear, except for the sociopaths, the ones lacking what Green River Killer Gary Ridgeway referred to as "that caring thing."  

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