Thursday, June 12, 2014


Charlie Christian: Rose Room (w/Benny Goodman Sextet) (Link)

Painting:  Frank Beresford (1881-1967), The Rose Room, Marden Park, 1916, Burlington Galleries, London.  Frank Ernest Beresford was painter of portraits; interiors, animals, landscapes and mural decoration. Beresford was born in Derby on 30th August 1881. He studied at the Derby School of Art between 1895 and 1900 and from there went to the St. John's Art School in London (1900 - 1901) and the Royal Academy Schools (1901- 1906). Following this period Beresford gained the British Institution Scholarship for two years. He also embarked on a painting tour which took him all around the world, including Japan. From 1906 Beresford exhibited his work in London (predominately at the Royal Academy) and abroad, securing him an international reputation. His work is represented in several important and renowned public collections.

Note:  I knew nothing about the painter Frank Beresford until a few minutes ago and I wonder whether I'll ever know anything more about him than I do now.  I was just looking for a painting or image to illustrate the wonderful Charlie Christian performance (as part of Benny Goodman's Sextet) posted here and wanted to avoid the attractive, but I think, somewhat clichéd items I discovered before happening on this artwork.  I think this works.  Thank you for visiting.

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