Sunday, June 15, 2014


I missed this, but the shark – about Jane’s size (5’ 4”) – appeared just offshore.  People cried “Shark!”

This is Simba, a 9-week old potcake puppy (potcakes are the typical dogs of the Bahamas and contain English Terrier, Labrador and German Shepard in their gene mix) we adopted for the morning, taking her for a “socializing” amble on and around the beach.  I wish we could have adopted him.  Potcake Place Rescue is a wonderful Turks and Caicos charity dedicated to potcake rescue, neutering and adoption.

My fortune cookie message at our final lunch at Chopsticks, an excellent restaurant in Grace Bay, owned by the proprietors of the equally enjoyable Garam Masala.  Chopsticks advertises itself as “Asian Fusion,” but it isn’t really.  The chef cooks very traditional Chinese and Malaysian food and succeeds extraordinarily well at both cuisines using local fish and, remarkably, excellent local vegetables, especially greens.  It is the only place I know that serves Chinese bean curd in T&C.  Chopsticks is about the most enjoyable restaurant I have found in years.

The Infinity Bar at the Grace Bay Resort – the longest bar in the Caribbean.  The “infinity” illusion isn’t perfect, as it sometimes can be in swimming pool settings, but it’s fairly effective and it’s a lovely place.

Every single sunset is different and they are all deserving of attention, like sharks, dogs, prophesies/auguries and people gathering for common, peaceful purpose.



  1. Curtis, Happy Father's Day! Nell

    P.S. You would make a good travel journalist.

    1. Hi Nell and thanks. I suspect people would find me a little weird, but possibly that could be my "hook." You guys would like Turks and Caicos, if you've never been here. I sincerely wish we could stay STARTING NOW. Curtis