Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Every day, I kiss my baby
Just because it drives him crazy

And I will do most anything
To make him feel just like a king
Cause when the boy's happy
The girl's happy too

I say I love him when I hold him
Heaven knows how much I've told him

I always treat him tenderly
Because he means the world to me
Cause when the boy's happy
The girl's happy too

I know how to break him up
I know how to make him care
I know how to shake him up
I just run my fingers through his hair

I could never live without him
That is why I worry about him

He comes to me
Cause he knows that I'll
Do all the things that'll make him smile
Cause when the boy's happy
The girl's happy too

Yeah, when the boy's happy
The girl's happy too, oh yeah...

Note:  Blog prompted by first viewing last night of a portion of the filmed version of the musical Les Misérables, which we very, very much disliked.  Knowing how popular this musical is, I’d prefer to leave it at that.  These Four Pennies soon became The Chiffons.  Featured song begins at :40.  Top and bottom paintings (top is a detail, obviously) are Une leçon clinique à la Salpêtrière  (1887) by André Brouillet, depicting  Professor Charcot of Paris Salpêtrière demonstrating hypnosis on a "hysterical" patient, "Blanche" (Marie) Wittman, who is supported in the picture by Dr. Joseph Babiński.  The center image is a 1935 Rotorelief by Marcel Duchamp.  Pop songs, especially when Barry-Greenwich write them, can say so much.


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