Saturday, September 28, 2013



yūgao no                        I dream of making
tana tsukuran to             a trellis for moon-flowers
omoedomo                      to climb
aki machigatenu              but oh my life that will not
waga inochi kamo            bear the weight till autumn!
Note:  How on earth can anyone stand to live with me?  I’ve borne the weight till autumn, by the way, but not gracefully. 

Tonight we adjourned again to our drive, a majestic platform fit for Chariots Of The Gods? visits, at significant sunset.  We live deep inside forest and overlook woods and rises from Signal Hill, Chester County's apex.  Light the most beautiful I had ever seen; no Hollywood artificer-necromancer conjuring A Midsummer’s Night Dream light could possibly have improved it.  It fit my inside-outside-somewhere I guess mood, was substrating, honest and real.  No ballooning spiders but instead a stone, a leaf and an unfound door. 

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