Sunday, August 5, 2012

Books Of No Hours, Liberty's Books

(I recognize you in the wine, in the stone :
I read with you elementary oracles – at the Havre-Caumartin
    Station, for example
someone has written, in black pencil, in capitals :
          ON T’OBLIGE PAS [A] TE LE LIRE : )

Together we read (fourmis perdues) the scraps
and stones of the city to discover there

The subdued color of a bombardment of flowers
Books of ivy crossed by a rapid white
which flares over the quiet of the palisades

Books of ivy, books of no hours, liberty’s books :
each page a day, each day the marvel
of being wine and stone, air, water, utterance,
flutter of eyelids :

From Renga, A Chain of Poems by Octavio Paz, Jacques Roubaud, Eduardo Sanguinetti, Charles Tomlinson (translations by Charles Tomlinson).  New York, George Braziller, 1971.

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