Sunday, May 20, 2012


RESTORATIVES.  The popularity of small salt fish -- anchovies, sardines, pilchards -- in Latin countries has much to do with heat, physical fatigue and need for restoration. These fish, even though desalted before serving, are by nature thirst-provoking; and thus induce the workman, parched by his labours, to imbibe copious draughts of water (or wine) and so restore the balance.  These observations have significance in a working context round latitude 40.

NOTE: They are nice just to look at also. 


  1. Schools of little fish are so soothing. I remember a term from Comparative Psychology that has stuck with me -allelomimetic behavior. Have you ever come across it? It's just a descriptive term for this type of remarkable behavior. One animal takes its cue from another or others. I don't remember any explanation though. Just another of life's great mysteries.

  2. These little herring are quite something -- incredibly beautiful. Allelomimetic -- I'll look that up. Patience Gray's little item reminds me of an early evening I spent in Mallorca a long time ago with a friend and his beautiful handmade fishing net. He was catching whitebait for dinner. I'm actually sorry we caught the whitebait, although they were delicious. But I liked looking at them. My friend had some odd theories about his fishing activities, but I'm obliged to report that he was a person who ate every fish he hunted and that fish basically sustained him. Curtis

  3. A handmade net! I crochet a bit, and can't imagine the time and care that goes into creating a fishing net.

    I love seeing living fish in their natural habitats as well. However, I cringe when I see them lined up side by side at the fish market. I have never been able to buy a whole fish; somehow, I always opt for the fillets.

    In the early '80s I had a boss who brought his fishing pole to work with him quite frequently. He would disappear to his secret fishing hole for an hour or two mid-morning and would return with enough bream to feed our small office staff of nine. We used to microwave it with butter. I can't tell you how delicious it was. Truly the best fish I've ever eaten.

    Have missed your posts. I hope nothing is terribly wrong. Nell

  4. The net was a thing of wonder. Part 2 of the whitebait collection activity probably wouldn't have pleased you. Because I do like eating fish (although I'm trying to go straight vegetarian again), I don't object to seeing whole fish in fish stores. It's the best way to determine freshness and fish is so expensive. I'm sure the fish your boss's fish were great. The first time I ate fresh-caught fish in Maine (I was in summer camp on a camping trip), I couldn't believe it. Nothing's wrong. Just tired, stressed and irritable. However Jane has completed two of her five finals and summer's on the wing. Curtis