Monday, April 2, 2012

From The Naturalist's Journal -- April 2, 1791

April 2Crown imperials begin to blowPronged the asparagus beds.  Wheat looks well.  Mrs. B. White [1] & Hannah White come from London.

[1] The widow of the Rev. Richard Yalden, Vicar of Newton Valence, who married Benjamin White, en secondes noces.  Her stepson, Edmund White, succeeded Richard Yalden.


    NOTE:  The closest I could come to matching Gilbert White's description of April 2, 1791 with something homegrown are these photographs taken yesterday at our wondrous, just re-opened Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne, Pennsylvania (link).

    Not crown imperials, asparagus or wheat, but I think these will do for now.  It's a pity Chanticleer wasn't open two weeks ago when the weather was incredibly warm and spectacular.  Still, it's an amazing spot, a sort of "pocket" version of Longwood Gardens and a beautiful place to stroll, read and think.

    Crown imperials are spectacular.  I'll try to get around to putting some up here soon.


  1. I wish we had a place akin to Chanticleer. So lovely and peaceful. N.B. I reverted back to my initials. I hated losing my middle name, Constance, when I married. It's the only thing about me that is. Nell

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  3. Nell, I accidentally removed my comment simply pointing out that I really love the name Constance. Curtis