Sunday, April 29, 2012


entangled with

the scattering cherry blossoms—

the wings of birds!

Above:  Hand-painted photograph of Scarlet Tanager, 1897

Below:  Alexander Calder, Untitled hanging Mobile, 1957

Note: A haiku by Masaoka Shiki from 1887. "The image of the falling blossoms catching in the wings of the birds (or bird) is quite lovely; but the word 'entangled' is an exaggeration. Shiki would not allow himself such idealization in later works."  Janine Beichman, Masaoka Shiki, His Life and Works, Boston, Cheng & Sui Company, 2002, p. 50.


  1. Yes, definitely. I like the fact that the scarlet tanager photo is hand-painted and almost contemporary with the poem. (I also love the bird.) The Calder is spectacular and (you can't really tell here) quite large. Curtis