Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Return of Harald Blacktooth

Mr Bandicott was an archaeologist, but he was also a business man, and he was disposed to use the whole apparatus of civilisation to announce his discovery to the world.  With a good deal of trouble he got the two chief Scottish newspapers on the telephone, and dictated to them a summary of his story.  He asked them to pass the matter on to the London press, and he gave them ample references to establish his good faith.  Also he prepared a sheaf of telegrams and cables – to learned societies in Britain and America, to the great New York of which he was the principal owner, to the British Museum, to the Secretary of Scotland, and to friends in the same line of scholarship.  Having left instructions that these messages should be despatched from Inverlarrig at dawn, he went to bed in a state of profound jubilation and utter fatigue.

From John Macnab (1925) by John Buchan

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