Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quote of the Weekend : The Inventory -- Ray Davies Interview by Hester Lacy, FT Magazine (Financial Times), June 3, 2011


Ray Davies, 66, was lead singer and songwriter for The Kinks and has been a successful solo artist since they disbanded in 1996. He was appointed CBE in 2004 for services to music.


FTDo you consider your carbon footprint?

RD It’s difficult to take seriously while the world is focused on bombing.

The great man ready for action.

 What he's "on about" (Libya, 2011)


  1. can't argue with the KINK, he has a brilliantly valid point.

  2. The entire interview is very good; when Ray is on, he's on. The upcoming Meltdown Festival, which I was prepared to sort of decry a bit (we sometimes hate it when our heroes begin having equestrian statues erected in their honor, which Ray certainly has), looks like it will be pretty incredible. I wish I were in London this month with a lot of free time and money. (Actually, I always feel that way.) Here's the link to the whole piece: