Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Man He Weeps Tonight -- Dave Davies Birthday Tribute

I wish that you could see
All the things that I have seen.
This mind of mine is making life worthwhile.
I wish that you'd have known
Of all the plans I had in store for us,
Laughing, dancing, traveling the world on our own.

I thought our thing would last,
'Cause it said so in my horoscope,
The days have gone and past while dreaming away.
The lighting here is dim,
And the room closes in around me.
Your picture's hanging loose on a rusting nail.

And this man, he weeps tonight
And his head is bowed with sorrow,
But what can you do, sitting there,
And you let him cry tomorrow,
Yes, you'll let him cry tomorrow.
Yes, you'll let him cry tomorrow.

Note to reader:  Click on link in first line of last stanza.

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