Friday, February 18, 2011

Out Of Road (Dream)

Graphically, this road /will tend towards the pure geometrical line / without thickness (the meeting of 2 planes / seems to me the only pictorial means to achieve / purity) But in the beginning (in / the chief of the 5 nudes) it will be very finite in / width, thickness (etc), in order little by little, / to become without topographical form in coming close to this ideal straight line which / finds its opening towards the infinite in the headlight / child.

The pictorial matter of this Jura-Paris road / will be wood which seems to me like /the affective translation of powdered silex. Perhaps see if it is necessary to / choose an essence of wood. (the fir tree, / or then polished mahogany) 

Key (upper to lower):
Richard Long:  Tide Line (Cornwall)
Richard Long: A Line and Tracks in Bolivia
Richard Long: A Line In Scotland
Richard Long: A Line Made By Walking
Richard Long: Dusty Boots Line In Sahara
Richard Long: 5 Paths
Marcel Duchamp: A Cemetery of Uniforms and Liveries, No. 2
Marcel Duchamp: Excerpt from the Green Box (text)

Yesterday morning I woke up with the phrase "out of road" on my lips seeing an image close to Tide Line in my mind. 

Postscript, 3-7-11: Out Of Dream (Road) 

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