Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 1974 -- Happy Anniversary


  1. ACravan's own (brief) comment. This is a record that changed my life and has afforded me tremendous pleasure over the years since I first purchased it upon its release. I had recently, after a year or so of being intrigued by news stories and reviews, become familiar with Kevin Ayers' immediately preceding record, Bananamour, and loved it. News of the June 1, 1974 concert at the Rainbow Theater in London, with Kevin being joined by "birds of a feather", John Cale, Nico and Brian Eno, and plans to capture and rush-release a record reached me through the UK music newspapers prior to the show. The lp captures each of the artists at a key moment in their career and, for my money, Kevin's songs work best, with Cale and Eno tying for second, and Nico seeming a little bit "buzz-kill". Nonetheless, she belongs on the record and, of course, in the excellent cover portrait. Several years later, I met and got to know Kevin Ayers very well. He is a remarkable person, a very gifted cook and a kind and generous friend and host, as well as an artist of surpassing talent.

  2. I think you gave me this album approximately 100,000 years ago. "Baby's on Fire" was a devastating revelation. I played it for Nat when he was 15 and the rest is history. However, I'm not sure what you mean by "buzz-kill".

    Here's to tomorrow (or more precisely, the day after tomorrow, when I hope to see you).

  3. Oh -- will gladly explain "buzz-kill". Curtis