Friday, June 18, 2010

The Bay by Paul Nash


“If animals could speak, as Aesop and other fabulists make them seem to do, they would declare man to be the most voracious animal in existence.   There is scarcely any living thing that flies in the air, swims in the sea, or moves in the land, that is not meant to minister to his appetite in some region or other.
Life itself will not hinder his appetite, nor decay nauseate his palate; for he will as soon devour a lively young oyster as demolish the fungous produce of a humid field.”
Peter Lund Simonds, The Curiosities Of Food, 1859

“Now a man without a moral code is just an appetite
King Strut was on a diet growing luminous by eating light”
Peter Blegvad, King Strut, 1990

" All politiicians simply want to manipulate people; that, mixed with a marked tendency to kleptomania."
Muriel Spark
"An art of money catching..........a game of hide-&-seek for self interest........the terms wig and tory are nothing more in my mind than the left and right hand of that monster.
John Clare

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