Thursday, May 20, 2010

Miss Cravan Fights City Hall

The Baldwin School
701 Montgomery Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

22 October 2008

The Honorable Michael Bloomberg
Mayor of the City of New York
Gracie Mansion
New York, NY 10028

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

            Please try to keep the memory of the old Yankee Stadium alive.  For example, you could commission a giant painting or sculpture of it that could be displayed in a museum or outside in a public square, or even have a mural of it on the outside of the new stadium.

            Yankee Stadium has a wonderful, unusually wide left field and is built with winding staircases.  It is almost like a landmark for the team and for New York City. Think of all the great times and memories people had there and of all the souvenirs they bought.  Yankee Stadium has been in the Bronx for a long time – nearly 100 years!  Some people even say that Babe Ruth, the greatest Yankee player, built Yankee Stadium himself.

            I have lived in New York almost my whole life, always loved it, and most of all always wanted to see a game at Yankee Stadium.  Finally, I went to a game (the Yankees won by a long shot) barely a year ago.  It will break my heart when the stadium is no longer there.  Yankee Stadium is phenomenal!

            This doesn’t mean that you have to do what I’m asking since I know you are your own man, but if you do you should know that I will be very grateful and I know that the other citizens of New York will also be.  The bottom line is that I want you to please do something to keep the memory of this amazing place alive.

            Thank you for your time.  I look forward to a response. 


                                                                                                             J.B. Cravan (Miss)

P.S.  Go Yankees!  You should go watch them play soon.  (I know you will.)  

Editor's Note: 

1. I regret to inform the reader that Mayor Bloomberg ignored Miss Cravan's request and razed Yankee Stadium in an almost summary manner. His reply, via "form letter", does not merit republication.

2.  When visiting the "new Yankee Stadium" in the summer of 2009, Miss Cravan and her companions discovered that it was impossible to acquire a hot dog and an order of french fries from the same vendor.  Accomplishing this purchase required completion of a long and strenuous walk.


  1. Yes, she did. I'm merely her publisher, publicist, manager, agent, accountant and, of course, lawyer (unpaid). I enthusiastically support her efforts.