Saturday, May 8, 2010

ACravan 1 -- Visitors Nil (Delay Of Game)

Yesterday, when Miss J. B. Cravan’s wristwatch beeped at 7 am on the desk where she left it the night before, it woke the somnambulist  inhabiting the space, who was sitting, waiting and watching, delayed and arrested.  He was dreaming about his “blog” and planning to compose a dismayed and disgruntled piece called Tired Of Waiting For You, using the title of the famous Kinks song.  He anticipated problems in the writing because, to quote another song he liked (by Kevin Ayers), “there’s not a lot to say, when you’re feeling this way”.  Unlike the Kinks song, which is terrific, but basically trivial in its subject matter, the Ayers song says it all in terms of terminal frustration, e.g., “when you’re up, they’ll love you to death/when you’re down, they’ll steal your last breath”.  For the somnambulist, irresolution and problems still seemed to comprise the unchanging daily menu.

Quite suddenly, things improved.  Can’t say why exactly, but they did.
Perhaps it was something she said.  Or something he read.  Or the memory of the ancient game carved into the winged figure’s foot by the Assyrian soldiers.   Or the 121st anniversary of the opening of the Eiffel Tower.  

Or just possibly, the thought of finally acquiring his own Inspiratron.


  1. It is probably nothing more nor less than the wristwatches of the JB Cravans of the universe to which we must look in assigning responsibility for the creative energy of the universe (human sector).

  2. Good morning, Tom.

    Thanks very much for replying to my absolutely true story. Friday was an odd one -- I started out completely switched off, then things "beeped" on. Part of it probably had to do with Friday being the day before Saturday and there may have been an anticipation of the relief weekend distractions sometimes bring. The Nabakov Speak, Memory excerpt (and the memories it revived, anguish and all) contributed also. An upward trajectory having been established in the early hours, a couple of other pleasant things I hadn’t expected clicked in during the afternoon and by dinnertime I was actually good company.

    If you liked the Inspiratron illustration, I believe you’ll also enjoy the Dictascrivener, the All-Weather Field Scriptorium and the Patent Composition Cabinet shown here:

    And I don’t know whether you ever look at the publication, but I recently discovered it and it’s filled with good pictures and interesting news from around the world:


  3. Apropos of nothing save your illustration of Tesla's Giant Torodial Terminal; saw my first Tesla Roadster in the wild Saturday, on the NY Thruway driving home from the Freelance Cafe. What a sweet vehicle that is..

  4. Hi Jon and greetings from a meeting. I'd love to see the Tesla Roadster and you and Colleen also. Freelance Cafe sounds like a good idea. It's been too long.