Friday, January 3, 2014


My house would look a lot like this right now if there were more moonlight.  This isn’t  a moonshadow house like the one in Tuxedo (that’s what the realtors should have called it in their brochure, instead of the idiotic Italianate name they picked, Tramonto), but it can be wondrous at the apex of Chester County. You can’t help thinking about the Valley Forge regiments and the tree-houses they built for observation and surveillance.

7:30 pm last night, when the snow began falling heavily and steadily, mine was the only car on Sugartown Road.  Proceeding carefully east and returning two miles west, there wasn’t too much slipping and sliding, and no one would have noticed anyway.  Except for some mild arguing, silence then, and nothing until a just few minutes ago when grasping the stair rail and descending, the bells on the floor around the Christmas tree rang out on their own.  Pansy varies her activities, but she checks in every single day.   

Three photographs by Alvin Langdon Coburn:  Top – Shadows, 1903; Center, Hyde Park Corner, 1911;  Bottom: Winter, 1901.

John Cage: In A Landscape (Link)

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