Wednesday, January 15, 2014


There is, admittedly, no great difference between autumn in Africa, which we were leaving, and spring in South America toward which we had set course.  One perspires here and one perspires there.  But over the blue Atlantic, heavens curved off into infinity, the headwinds of our speed cooled us, and there was eternal difference and change in the seeming monotony.   If I were not an airshipman, I would like to be a passenger and devote myself entirely to the observation of the thousand-fold play of colors and forms which Nature contrives out of nothing more than air and water.

The Beatles: Flying (Link)

Excerpt:  Captain Ernest A. Lehmann, Zeppelin: The Story of Lighter-than-air Craft, (trans. Jay Dratler), 1937

Paintings:  Gerhard Richter

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