Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Now I'm going down to that river of Jordan
Just to bathe my weary soul
If I can just touch  the hem of His garment, good Lord
Then I know You'll take me home

    ----  ----  ---- ----

Funny, up all night as usual, but with Rose and Claude (doing his Jackson Pollock paper-scattering-arranging thing) for company (Pansy also – opening closed cabinets and tilting pictures on the wall), and believing that Jane’s having a blast with Rachel and her other friends, things Augur well.  Healthy, wealthy and wise (a phrase with partial Philadelphia roots) sounds like a reasonable plan and priority order.  Wisdom is difficult to achieve or obtain.  Happy New Year !!  !!


Louvin Brothers: The River of Jordan (Link) 

Two medieval pilgrim badges associated with St. Thomas à Becket &  Canterbury, British Museum, London

I Am A Pilgrim lyric:  Merle Travis

    ----  ----  ---- ----


  1. I have a good feeling about 2014. Let's hope I'm right. Happy New Year to you all. With love, Nell

    1. Here's hoping. So far, so good, I guess. The rain is washing away the snowstorm, but now it's snowing again. Have undertaken a two-day "cleansing program." How is that for optimism? Curtis