Saturday, November 9, 2013


NOTE:  Bill in Kentucky, whose email appears in first position above, obviously makes an entirely valid, horrifying point. I’ve seen the statistic cited before, but Bill was helpful in filling in the details.  When I’ve been faced with similar (but more trivial) instances of delay-by-incompetency-cum-indifference in my own life, I usually resort to “we put men on the Moon in 1969 – what’s your problem?,” often to good effect (although I must admit I have very few friends).
As for this depredation, was it René Crevel or George Sanders who ended his life penning the suicide note reading: “Disgusted”?

You may have read House of Representatives Minority Whip, Steny Hoyer’s (D-Md) proposed solution to the website/rollout problems: “Give them a little money.”  At a cumulative cost exceeding $1 billion (the project is currently over-budget by over $600 million, representing a 200% overage), who can gainsay the wise, experienced and super-reflective legislator?   I guess this is “where he lives.”  The nerve.  The nerve.  Only 100 more days until to beat the V-J Day anniversary!

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