Monday, March 18, 2013


“I had no new facts on which to base my optimism, only a changed point of view.   And with it came a recollection of other things.”

And so the shafting and shivving by Vertex Inc., “where taxation meets innovation,” became the final straw. 

My back didn’t break, though; the scales did fall from my eyes. 

I decided after 5+ years of self-flagellation to value and try to enjoy the worth in what I was doing, to turn my back, take a step away from them, and stamp the dust from my shoes.

   “. . . There was no morning strafe, such as had been our usual fortune in the past week.  I went out-of-doors and found a noiseless world under a lowering sky.” 

Robert Wyatt: Alife (from Rock Bottom) (Link) 

Excerpts:  John Buchan, Mr Standfast (1919)

Endpapers:  Denton Welch (for Penguin)

What's My Line? (Video Link)

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