Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In nonmemory is mind absorbed; just this. . .

Mind as memory is accidental and has come about by specifiable conditions, just like a bubble in water ; or since it appears without so existing, it is like a dream ; and since it appears without having any being of its own, this activity is meditative absorbtion in which every thing is like a magic spell.

These wondrous manifestations come out of the sphere of non-memory and in disappearing they dissolve in it.  When one knows that the variety of the manifestations of memory is but a play, the concrete topics of memory are overcome by the splendor of nonmemory, which then turns out to be a meditative absorbtion comparable to the play of a lion.

The Royal Song of Saraha, Stanza 30 Commentary (Skye-Med Bde-Chen)

FCB Cadell Pictures:

Top:  Arum Lilies (1920) ; Bottom: The Orange Blind (1914)

I Forgot To Remember To Forget -- Elvis Presley (Link) 

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