Friday, March 2, 2012

The Minor Arts

Living a moral and ethical life (or trying to) is most appropriately grouped among what are called the "minor arts."


Rare Gilt Bronze Table by Tiffany Studios New York. 

**  Terracotta figurine of a pig, Greek, provenance unknown, date unknown, donor unknown, Bryn Mawr College Art and Archaeology Collection.

*** Cartoon (Empatheen) by Peter Blegvad.


  1. Q: "Minor" in what sense?

    A: My whole life is minor.

    I knew that was a PB cartoon even before you told me!

  2. I'm a big fan or the "minor arts." They are what initially fueled my interest in Islamic art, everyday objects imbued with the same power as the traditional "big gun" objects. My whole life is minor also. Neat cartoon, no? But the pig is perfect also and the table really excellent. Curtis

  3. Best of all, you can visit the pig in Bryn Mawr! It and the table are both wonderful, and echo some of the bonsai themes.

  4. I should visit the pig, now that I know about him. Bryn Mawr College is directly across the street from Jane's school, Baldwin. Reading up on the life of Louis Comfort Tiffany this morning was fascinating, especially the details of his redecoration of Chester A. Arthur's White House. Tiffany's windows are a key feature of St. Mary's-in-Tuxedo, our local Episcopalian church. I'll be in Bryn Mawr later. That's true every single day (and I don't regret it). I just wish I had more time to visit their cinema, which shows great stuff. Curtis