Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Social Media Redux

Apparently, the 111-year old woman listed in second position below is still looking for meI still do not believe this.

My message to the 56-year old female in Salem, Oregon who is "Looking for Myself" would be that finding me would not be the answer, or even part of the answer,  to your search.  I usually do not speak with such confidence, but I do now.

ACravan, see who's curious about you!
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Female 56 Salem, OR   Looking for Myself
Female 111 New York, NY   Looking for old friend
Male 28 Ray City, GA  
Female 56 Salem, OR  
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  1. This is one crazy-ass site-- MyLife, that is! Somehow curiosity has never gotten the best of me and compelled me to pay to unblur the pictures of my own mystery-stalkers. The 111-year-old's search for an "old friend" was clearly an understatement. I wish my neighbor in Salem, OR luck in her quest for herself. I'm still searching for myself. . . but not sure that MyLife would be the first place I'd look. Jill

  2. I wonder what MyLife will send me next? They've moved into X-Files territory -- I can't tell, however, if it's classic X-Files threats/weirdness material or the lighter comedic episodes they occasionally used to drop in to break the tension. It was fortuitous how the MyLife color palette perfectly matched the Blogger color palette. I'm going to New York next week -- proceeding nervously. Curtis

  3. X-Files-- or perhaps even The Twilight Zone. Don't be nervous b/b your trip to New York.

  4. Jill: X-Files and Twilight Zone are both in fairly constant rotation in my actual television life and in my dreams. I'm pleased to say that Jane, who's 13, is an aficionado of both series. It gives us a common frame of reference that, among other things, provides a source for useful analogies on many subjects, and also weird things to talk about. I guess we could probably develop a code language based on it. Curtis