Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nativity (Piero Della Francesca)

Piero Della Francesca, Nativity, 1470, National Gallery, London


  1. We can hear the angels sing, Curtis. And they sound good.

  2. Yes, they do. It's an exceptionally beautiful picture and song. Merry, merry Christmas. Born-Again Christmas was greatly loved here. So many thanks. Interesting morning; snow is on the way. Jane received the metal detector she wanted so much and I have high hopes for what she'll be discovering. Later on we will be visiting Caroline's cousin Christine and her family. Having more of a family for Jane to know was one of the main reasons we returned to Pennsylvania, so that will be very nice. They often have a friend visiting them whose career combined admissions office work at Swarthmore College with his real passion -- working on the professional tango circuit. I still have a lot to learn about tango, all of which will be put purely to academic use. I began the morning by watching The Manchurian Candidate, an oddly appropriate Christmas movie. The acting, directing and writing is so good and the mood develops so consistently and powerfully that I have a hard time imagining the actors interacting as real people between takes, as they must have done. I hope you, Angelica and Juliet all have a very good day. And, by the way, I read An Horatian Ode earlier this week. Thanks for that also. Curtis