Sunday, November 7, 2010

Standard Time And Space (Andy and Edie); Mushin No Shin ( 無心の心_)

The first dog walk every morning occurs at 7 am sharp.  

Yesterday, that was 7 am Eastern Daylight Time.

This morning it meant 6 am Eastern Standard Time.

The dogs, Andy Warhol Roberts and Edith Minturn Sedgwick Roberts, Know.  

Poised and ready, they are masters of space and time, even though they spend much of their time (and circumambulate a large amount of space) barking loudly and foolishly at chimeras. 

I, on the other hand, know nothing.  

A good friend once told my wife, "______ has absolutely no idea where his body is in space".   

If only my ignorance ended there.

Unfortunately, this is not the equivalent to the Zen concept of "mushin no shin" (mind of no mind).  It's something less, much less.  

Years ago, I recall plowing my way through Andy Warhol's tape-recorded novel a, A novel, which I owned in its original Grove Press edition but have long since, regrettably, misplaced.  I recall a passage where one of the "characters" says (or plays on a tape recording) to another the phrase:  "Wasted space, wasted space........what's in your mind?  Wasted space".   

That struck and stuck with me.  

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