Sunday, October 17, 2010

From "The Dancing Floor" by John Buchan

1. I think it was chiefly the sight of the multitude moving toward the Dancing Floor, all silent, so that the only sound was the tread of feet.  He was in doubt before as to where exactly the place was, but the roads blazed for him like the roads to Epsom on Derby Day.


 2. It was now nearly dark, and suddenly like the marks delimiting a course, torches broke into flame.  These points of angry light in the crowded silence seemed to complete the spell.

3. As they approached the breach in the wall Vernon managed to whisper to him to cheer up, for no ill will would befall him.  'I am your friend', he said; 'together we will make an end of this folly,' and the man's face lightened.

4.  It was this look on Maris's face which I saw from my hiding place and which made me forbid Janni's pistol shot.


  1. Cool that you read this book!

  2. Mark -- Thanks for your note and for visiting. If you liked this, I think there is other material on ACravan that you would also find interesting. It seems we're on similar wavelengths. Please visit again for new stuff and to check out the existing ACravan "inventory". Best, Curtis