Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Things Are Today In Pennsylvania (I hope): Dante: Inferno Canto XXXIV, lines 133-139; Purgatorio Canto I, lines 1-6 (Hollander translation)

Inferno Canto XXXIV

Into that hidden passage my guide and I 
entered to find again the world of light,
and, without thinking of a moment's rest,
we climbed up, he first and I behind him,
far enough to see through a round opening,
a few of those fair things the heavens bear.
Then we came forth, to see again the stars.

Purgatorio Canto I

To run its course through smoother water
the small bark of my wit now hoists its sail,
leaving that cruel sea behind. 
Now I shall sing the second kingdom,
there where the soul of man is cleansed, 
made worthy to ascend to Heaven.

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