Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Seeing the church with the purple shutters in the middle of Wayne always raises my spirits and never more than in late summer when the heat seems finally to be receding.

Jane’s instincts were right; they usually are when movies are concerned.

Let’s Be Cops is terrific.  If one wanted to make a serious critical judgement, and not simply immediately say how consistently funny it is and how skillfully it plays with and avoids genre stereotypes and clich├ęs, I’d say it’s the quintessential portrait of diminished expectations among the post-college set during the Obama era.

Enjoying it and knowing the critics loathe it increases enthusiasm, but only slightly.  It’s just very sharp and funny, with a minimum of cheap vulgarity, even though it operates at the extremes.

It isn’t that the Anthony Wayne Theater is so great, but I’d still like to live there 100% of the time.  That was the original plan and it needs dusting off.

Don't Drop That Dubstep (Link)
Happy Birthday, John Buchan

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