Wednesday, August 20, 2014


When Jane came home from Berkeley a few weeks ago, you might have thought that she was actually returning from Mauritius.  

While attending her engineering program there, she made a friend named Marc from that Indian Ocean island and, from the moment she deplaned in Philadelphia, she seemed utterly fascinated and enchanted with the place.  

As is easily done these internet days, we immediately deep-dove into Mauritius research, including travel routes, modes & distances from worldwide starting points of varying likelihood and relevance.  

Bottom line, Mauritius isn’t close to an Earth location of any size or prominence other than Madagascar, but that's ok.

I’ve always wanted to visit Madagascar and Réunion also; Mauritius’s close south-western neighbor was an included "former French colony” in a million CBS/FOX product acquisition agreements I worked on. 

I would like and now intend for our family to travel to Mauritius, the sooner the better.

Jane’s stories about it (acquired from Marc aka the “King of Mauritius” aka “Mr. Flawless”) are highly appealing and, assuming the photos and descriptions I’ve read are accurate, I think Mauritius could be “the ticket.”

What really sealed the deal for me was Jane’s description of Marc’s accent.

My daughter and I are both pretty good voice mimics and when she simulated Marc’s speech I thought immediately of my old friend Vanessa Bathfield, a marketing consultant turned caterer-to-the-stars in LA, who is my only Mauritius acquaintance.

Vanessa's voice is like velvet and summons up views of endless planing beaches and violet and orange tropical collision sunsets. Unfortunately, I’ve never tasted her cooking, but I’m confident it is first-rate.  The Mauritian dishes she has occasionally posted in online menus, recipes and photos look divine.

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