Monday, August 11, 2014


I had never before seen the interior of a high-voltage laboratory.  To my unscientific eye it looked very like a shot from an early German film about the “future.”  Suspended from the roof on a ganglion of long corrugated-glass insulators were two large copper globes.  There appeared to be an arrangement for raising and lowering them.  Two gleaming copper tubes descended vertically from the globes to another pair of insulators embedded in the concrete floor and thence passed to where row upon row of tall metal containers paraded against one wall.  From the top of each container projected two smaller insulators like horns.  I could also see part of an elaborate switchboard.  A single powerful lamp hanging from the roof in an enamel reflector illuminated the place.

The general effect was highly decorative.  Far from decorative, however, was the scene for which it provided so dramatic a setting.

Bonzo Dog Band: Monster Mash (Link)

Eric Ambler:  The Dark Frontier (1936)

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