Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It is, to paraphrase the songwriter, all happening at the pool.

The currently disused swimming pool at our house has become over the past couple of covered-up years a toad and frog pond, birdbath and wildlife preserve.  Now that spring is springing life is teeming there again and it’s quite a sight and sound.

It’s the sound that is the main attraction.  We have both frogs and toads, but my research shows that the main crescendo (peaking all day; notes held for a virtual eternity) are the toads singing.   It took us a while to figure this out.  At first we thought we had spacemen landing or that we’d taken up residence in the Twilight Zone.

If you approach the pool, even from a distance of fifty yards, everything goes silent until you leave.

Yesterday, hawks were drinking from the pool.  I’m deathly afraid that any day Caroline will inform me (approvingly) that we’re now a velociraptor colony. 

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