Thursday, April 3, 2014


Yesterday's news item (Link) about the (assuredly) bored and mischievous Starbucks barista in Baton Rouge, LA who inscribed Satanic symbols in caramel on a customer's drinks provided a nice break from whatever was going on.  (I can't remember any longer; I need to drink some coffee.)  As a bored-stiff-at-work story, it wasn't quite as good as the one about the inspired Sony Betamax instruction manual writer who somehow got the company to sign off on an illustrated procedure for setting the machine's clock/timer to the exact hour and minute on December 7th when the attack on Pearl Harbor began in 1941, but it wasn't bad either, and the April Fools date added to the puckishness and, let's face it, fun.  

Jane recently began drinking coffee, which we think is both age-appropriate and, in its way, useful.  It adds to our shared family activities and, since she's a good cook, I imagine she'll be a great home barista.  As a teenager, she is of course hyper-aware of the pop-occult and she laughed when I told her this story.  She's dexterous and artistic and I'm wondering whether or not I can persuade her to fabricate a line of stencils for beverage company employees to festoon future customers' orders upon request only.  FYI, I would excise the swastika at the lower right from the available choices, even if the patron demonstrated fluency in Sanskrit or membership in the Theosophical Society.

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  1. Hmmmm, it is certainly temping to open a coffee place with black walls :D - have a lovely weekend!