Friday, April 25, 2014


It never seems to be the right time, and it always seems an odd thing, to state one’s powers of clairvoyance, but I can see for miles.

One hesitates to mention this because prescience of this kind and degree is usually tied to negative previews and dark forebodings bubbling up, seeping out, bilious lava floes from volcanic crevasses. (Yuck.)

What can I forecast? 

Death (by misadventure), unfortunately. 

Insults, personal slights, betrayals, back-stabbings, sunderings of relationships, with unerring accuracy.   

What is this like/how does it feel?

Since these are not around-the-corner views, but straight-on sightings and face-slaps (one just happened and still smarts), the answer to the question is basically lousy, but clairvoyance is a gift-horse nonetheless.

Note:  This blog was suggested, in part, by recently reading Pete Townshend’s autobiography, Who I Am.  It isn’t bad and its disappointments mainly arise in the area of over-editing.  Pete is such a voluble soul that it’s best to hear him out at length, fully and completely.  Incidentally, like most attentive and effective lawyers, I also anticipate & can accurately project, predict and time acts of personal and business dishonesty.  But this is trivial compared to the Main Event. Unfortunately, I am unable to foresee stock market activity or horse race results.

I Can See For Miles: The Who (Link)


  1. Curtis, I enjoyed reading this. I also thought I could see for miles, but I was wrong. Sometimes. Nell

    1. Hi. I'm glad you enjoyed this. It was a little difficult to write and I wasn't confident about posting it, but ultimately I was glad I did it. Still cold here, but somewhat springlike anyway, enough so that we've begun planting. It really is too bad that the unedited Pete Townshend manuscript wasn't issued instead of the book they published. I think that when Pete's talking he's best when he carries on at great length. Obviously that's not true when it comes to crafting pop and rock songs. Caroline worked with Pete when she was at MCA and found the experience fascinating and basically enjoyable. Barnes & Noble has heavily, heavily discounted the book in hardcover. Curtis

  2. Love this post too....especially the etching (?) from Abu Ben Adam... By the way when I hit the link for the song, it says the owner has not cleared the song to be heard on mobile...go listen to it on a PC. This has been happening more and more to me. Do you know why??

    1. Hi Davia and thank you. I was trying to be as light as possible, but this was sort of raw for me. If you're speaking about the Japanese image (which I can explain; it's illustrates something interesting), it is a pen-and-ink drawing, I believe, and it is by Toryama Sekien. If you're referring to the image in last position, that is an illustration by Arthur Rackham. Re the song link, that probably has to do with you being in Europe, although it might be a mobile vs. non-mobile rights/licensing issue. I will try to listen to it on my phone tomorrow morning. But essentially in the wide world of music publishing, compositions and/or audiovisual works like this one (which contain musical compositions) are licensed for use on the basis of territory and/or medium of transmission. So something in one of those sectors doesn't match up with your equipment and/or location. Frustrating as it is, it makes total sense. Unfortunately, at this stage of history, songwriters and recording artists see too little benefit from the use of their material via Youtube, Spotify, etc. I hope you are having a very good, enlightening and productive time. When you return, I would like to think we'll be into really beautiful weather. Curtis