Saturday, December 31, 2011

Observatory Time, The Lovers (1936)


  1. I like this very much. Even though it appears the sun has not set, for some reason, the reclining woman seems to be gazing at the moon, and then some lyrics from The Mikado immediately came to mind. From "The Sun Whose Rays":

    That placid dame,
    The moon's Celestial Highness;
    There's not a trace
    Upon her face
    Of diffidence or shyness:
    She borrows light
    That, through the night,
    Mankind may all acclaim her!
    And, truth to tell,
    She lights up well,
    So I, for one, don't blame her!
    Ah, pray make no mistake,
    We are not shy;
    We're very wide awake,
    The moon and I

    We're staying at home for the arrival of 2012. Although I won't miss 2011, I don't send New Year Wishes until it finally arrives. Don't like to count my chickens..... Nell

  2. Well, it's a nice, mysterious, romantic pre-New Year's image. I can imagine the photograph being taken on a chilly day (but warm inside) at Man Ray's studio in Neuilly. Love the Mikado verse. We're going out locally tonight. The good news is that our heat, which was on the blink, is mostly restored. Heading out to Petco for multiple sets of dog steps to make the dachhunds' (and Caroline's) 2012 an easier one. Then to the gym. Curtis