Saturday, March 20, 2010


It’s so great that we’ve had some warm weather since Daylight Savings Time arrived and we now (finally) seem to be on the verge of spring after the ghastly, punishing winter. The sunlight – now glareless on the roads -- looks and feels so good. I don’t know whether the travails of snow, ice and flooding affected everybody’s mood, but they (along with everything else that flows through the television and news sources on the internet) certainly added to my own discontent and generally enervated state. But weather changes are transient and I still need to sort out my own priorities in order to stay on whatever track I’d like to be on.
The golden cat statue pictured here was given to me by my friend Mara Perico. I think it’s meant to commemorate the life of my cat Pansy, who we lost (far too young) last year. The statue has Pansy’s sweet look and reminds me of her perfect character. Each morning when I come down to my office, I pass the statue and see Pansy’s sister Rose sleeping in the corner chair waiting for me. I greet Rose and always say hi to Pansy also. Speaking to her and saying Pansy’s name isn’t a way of keeping her “alive”. She’s alive and always will be. It’s just a nice thing to do.

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