Saturday, March 13, 2010


Our opossum Eduardo lives (most of the time, we think) in an insulated Orvis dog house on our fenced and gated terrace in Tuxedo Park, NY. He peacefully shares the terrace with Pitch, the black feral cat we’ve been feeding for several years. (Tuxedo Park and the surrounding area is bedeviled – or, rather, our wildlife is – by the problem of people regularly “dumping” domestic pet animals.) Watching Eduardo sharing the cat food at night and elegantly dipping his snout into the bowl, and seeming to enjoy his life and live confidently, is incredibly uplifting. He’s clearly a really nice guy. Opossums are very rarely appreciated for their weird beauty (I’ve heard so many people dismiss, disparage and reject them for their looks) and their sweet, tentative character, one of their most appealing qualities, is often overlooked (which is probably fine with them; they naturally shun the limelight).

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