Monday, March 15, 2010

Eddie, Jr.

Eddie, Jr. came to us several years ago after a neighbor, the wife of a well-known book editor, found him as an almost newborn kitten in her garden. He was weak and breathing poorly and clung closely to a garden cat statue as if it were his mother. Our neighbor called on Caroline, as often happened, to step in and assist. Assistance turned (unexpectedly but predictably) into rescue and adoption. But it wasn't we who adopted the kitten. It was his larger doppelganger, our cat Eddie (see below), who became Eddie, Sr. Junior, as we call him, is a wonderful cat. He loves and looks up to his Dad and is sibling-bound to Andy and Edie, our two miniature longhair dachshunds. He's a great cat -- friendly and a little shy. He never grew very big, so the name Junior suits him well.

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