Wednesday, July 23, 2014


An oyster was a'travelling
Along the
ocean road;
He'd been some time
And now he'd left the fold.
He was sick of being oysterized,
And he
wanted to explode,
                                       To explode.

He saw a pretty flying fish
And said
if I could have one wish
I'd change into a flying fish,
And then I would be happy. 

The flying fish came down to see
Just who had made this plea;
And seeing the poor oyster,
Said this cannot be.

An oyster has to stay inside,
And a flying fish must flee
All the time. 

As the oyster turned to go away,
The flying fish was
heard to say,
"If I could find a place
to stay,
I know I would be happy, yes I would."
Ooh la, ooh la, ooh la, ooh la,
la la la.

Note:  Wonderful lyric/tune/performance from the all-time greatest album, Shooting At The Moon.

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