Wednesday, July 16, 2014


     I am “passed accomplished” in feeling and expressing feelings on the paranoid side of things.  Without troubling the point excessively, these aren’t necessarily bad or unhelpful qualities in my line of work, though I don’t recommend them for general adoption.

     My trepidation antennae are too fully extended, however, and my tendencies toward interior monologue have now reduced my external conversation quantities barely above bare minimum levels.  Add in my increasing, encroaching deafness to the mix and this body carrying my driver’s license, passport and memories  has become kind of “hors de commerce” on some of important social levels.  At least I have my credit cards with me also.

     Yesterday we drove through Occidental and UCLA.  Today we’re visiting USC and the Pompeii exhibition at the California Science Center Rebecca says the cats are fine and West Chester Veterinary Center says the same about the dogs.

     I am about to take the long jump.  I used to be a high jumper.


  1. Struggling here too against the encroachment of the internal voice on the rest of life. If only that voice were more interesting! A beautiful day here in Boston, however. Tonight Judy returns from driving with Meredith between Denver and Chicago. I have an excellent picture of her in front of Mt Rushmore which I will send to you momentarily.

    1. Thought about this -- Boston, Denver-to-Chicago, all day yesterday as we traveled from Los Angeles to San Francisco, which is beautiful this morning. Berkeley in about two hours. As usual, I wish I knew. But the coffee is helping a little.