Sunday, July 13, 2014


My life and career have been far
Too interesting and

I find I've paid the price.

I have generally been much

Too nice and

I find I've paid the price.

Pursuant to our Agreement,

Which I would hereby like to cite,

I have overpaid and believe 

I am forthwith entitled to receive :
A)  A refund ; 

or, in the alternative

B)  A credit. 

The McCoys: Sorrow (Link)


  1. All the credit in the world, but no refunds!

    1. Credit's ok. I love Loie Fuller photos. I posted some more today. I never knew until yesterday that The McCoys did the original version of Sorrow. I love the way they do it, even more than The Merseys' and David Bowie's versions. Trying to figure out LA dinner tonight. Last night we went all transgressive and ate at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We had the best meal of our lives (really). I must tell you about it sometime. Love from all of us. Curtis